What to do when computer zes while updating

I read blogs, online info for new tricks, subscribed to an newsletter on i Pads, listen to my brilliant daughter tell how wonderful Apple was, how terrific their software is, about the World of Apps, & there was barely nothing I couldn’t do with the little Genie I held in my hands. I’ve been lead to believe that MACs & i Pad are virtually Teflon, no viruses, no problems whatever, in God & Apple we trust kinda thing.Thursday, I received notice of Updates, & as always, I clicked my little icon for the update i OS 6.0.1. Now, well, I trust in God, but just because Steve Jobs lives in the same neighborhood, doesn’t mean I have much confidence in Apple.We have this small button that says “Scan for vulnerable software [and] you need to update your Flash or whatever.” The alternative is trying to maintain that yourself. You have dozens of applications installed and especially with the fake update messages I think it’s only something for professionals.(He’s talking about the Facebook scam where you click on a link--such an enticing story that claims someone famous dying--and you come to a page that asks you to sign in to Facebook again and update your You Tube player, both of which not being legitimate pages.) So the third way to go and it’s really cutting corners is [to] focus on your Microsoft updates, Windows updates and Office updates as well as your Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader and Java because those are basically most targeted. But [generally], if you want to go after everything as an inexperienced person you’re probably best off to have a piece of software tell you, “Hey you, this is important--you need to update this.” CD: So if people use security software to help, would those updates happen in the background when they’re sleeping or otherwise not using their computer?The process of updating Java the last time I did it took nearly five minutes and don’t even get me started on i Tunes—that’s an even lengthier ordeal.These are only a couple examples, but in reality it can seem as if you’re constantly being prodded to update software on your computer.He said the unpatched software most targeted by web exploits are Java (56%), Adobe Acrobat Reader (25%), Windows and Internet Explorer (4%), Adobe Flash (3%), Android Root (2%) and other (11%).

Keep in mind that many web exploits look for outdated software with unpatched security flaws.And most of the time you are asked if you want to reboot now or later. I have been a PC woman for more than 20, but an Apple o Pad girl for maybe 4 months.In a teaspoon, laptop went to Computer Heaven, College daughter traded me her less than year i Pad for a brand spanking new one, & so my love affair began. When I PC-ed, you always read reviews of new software long before it was generally available.Within hours, my i Pad became sluggish, by the evening I could no longer text, I would tap an app, & the icon would turn grey. My love affair with my i Pad continues, even if it’s not up to snuff.I contacted Apple Support, I was out of warranty, but since the problem occurred after my upload, a genius would help me, & help he did, telling me Apple stood behind their software for 30 days, so if I needed help again, it must be within the 30 day time frame, or I would be charged a service charge. I could no longer send emails, they sat in que in a file I did not create. I immediately referenced the case # I received the day before, but this person was more concerned about getting paid. But, next week when Apple Elite return to work, they’ll be hearing from me. I may not have figured out how to stop using Internet Explorer altogether (have to use for an online class)-Hate it; but I am laughing all the way ‘til Christmas from your commentary.

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