What to expect after one month of dating

Watch for these two things: 1) You will observe an overt meanness. It won’t be shocking, but because of the love you share, you felt you would be immune to it. 2) When they are sharing with you (example only) the venomous email they sent off to their ex and expressing the satisfaction they got from sending it, you should be concerned. Men who do mean or cruel things to their ex simply aren’t really good men.3) Men who take very little personal responsibility for their past relationships: These are men who share with you everything that their former wife or girlfriends have done.Be aware that texting does not require much effort, so if he is interested enough and he wants to pursue you, he will reply at some point.However, also be aware that if he does take a while at times, it doesn't mean he isn't interested, it may just be that he is busy or he forgot, but if he likes you enough, he will not forget forever and will make contact with you once again.If I was really honest with myself and seriously reflected on every relationship I have had with a man, I knew everything I needed to know in the first month to make a decision on whether to stay or go.I chose to ignore some of the signs that the relationship was not meant to be a long-term relationship.Most men are picky and enjoy the freedom of single life (up until a point, but we'll come to that in a later blog).Women are usually more eager to commit and want to settle into a relationship than a man (pardon the stereotypes here but this is generally the case and backed up by evolutionary science). If he is interested in you enough, he WILL call, he WILL text and he WILL ask you out on a date.

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Firstly, always turn up and be on time-ish (never early, preferably 5 minutes late).In most of the cases, you can substitute the word women for men.Here are the ten things that seem to show up and I ignored.When I was at his home, I noticed a lot of wine and beer bottles in the trash. 6) Listen to their dating/relationship history: A man who has a pattern of unhealthy or immature relationships is extremely problematic. One thing I have learned is that many of these men know that their relationship history isn’t good. See #3 10) Men who don’t keep their promises or follow through on what they say they are going to do! Many will claim to have done the work to not repeat this pattern. If this is happening in the first month, when they are trying to make a good impression, it isn’t going to be pretty down the road.

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