When to call dating

I avoided the Telephone Club dating mini-game, because I was not really good at it.However, now I am trying to complete as much of the game as I can Yet, the I hope the way the game keeps setting you back when you succeed in scoring a "meet-up" does not last long.This was my first Yakuza game ever and sub-stories were my favorite part of the game, but as amazing as the Call Dating ones are, they can really try your patience. The calling minigame was fun (and new which is nice), but trying to do all the substories was kinda miserable.

If you’re not very sure about whether she’s had a great time with you, but you really want to tell her you had a nice time, don’t call just yet.

#1 Call her on the same night If you’ve had one of the best times of your life and you know your date’s had a special time too, there’s nothing wrong in calling her up the very night.

But how sure are you that she’s already falling for you?

But at the same time, you may have heard the old dating rule, wait two days before calling.

If you want a short answer to when a guy should call, the best advice for you is to call her when you feel like it. Most guys give a lot more emphasis on when a guy should call than it really deserves.

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