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The curse of being a child celebrity is well known.The too-much-too-fast lifestyle of partying and drugs combined with parents who are just as hypnotized by the fame has snuffed out the flame of more than a few of Hollywood's bright young stars.The lesson here, which Feldman's zombified career is dependent upon, is that the adage "any publicity is good publicity," applies to no one more perfectly than Corey Feldman. Reid walked out of an interview on Jenny Mc Carthy's Sirius XM radio show after being asked about her plastic surgeries and her disastrous appearance on ," Reid said, getting the awkwardness started.at the same time and I was like, "What am I doing anymore? The tense exchange ended with Reid and Mc Carthy taking digs at each others marriages and bodies, with Mc Carthy getting the last zinger, saying, "Love you, Tara. Lindsay Lohan and Tara Reid are practically twins when it comes to being the hottest messes of the early 2000s.This guy literally had to almost die on TV for people to care about what he's doing, and even then he only remained marginally famous afterwards.

A bunch of other little kids really loved it, but then everyone involved grew up.

From the bizarre manner in which he's half-transformed himself into Michael Jackson, to his cringeworthy performance on Howard Stern, the star of show performances of his songs, "Go 4 It" and "Take A Stand." After the first performance was universally mocked, Feldman released a tearful video on Facebook, claiming he was "petrified" to leave his house.

So, naturally it only took a month for him to return to the show with a second, even more baffling performance, complete with a controversy over him throwing an American flag on the floor.

But even grimier than his attempt to cash in on a fake sex tape — "I had to take a chance. " — was his "tell-all" book, , in which he painted the worst possible descriptions of his former cast mates in between gross anecdotes about how much sex he had as a result of his teenage stardom. In that same where he addressed his cast mates and said, "I'm sorry that this has taken advantage of me, the book and other situations I'm sure we'll talk about here, but I'm sure that you've experienced downfalls as well in your time, and I'm still lovin' you guys." So, once again, he took the bare minimum of responsibility possible.

With his bad boy image an admitted ruse, Diamond would now like to reinvent himself again, telling that he wants to continue acting although he's still struggling to "break free from the mold" of the "phenom role of the Screech character." Yep, that's the whole problem right there.

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