Who is dev patel dating 2016

The pasta apprentice and his adorable young friend Mario give chase, but the gets away.Dev and Mario search the city for the phone thief and actually managed to find him. In a funny gag, Dev accidentally ends up stealing the phone of another man while trying to recover his own device.After some alarm clock trouble, we get the feeling Dev has totally acclimated to his surroundings.He speaks confident Italian despite not preparing for his trip at all, greets random people on the street by name, and knows is a fine espresso in Italy.Both decide the answer to that question is a resounding no, and break up.Rachel responds to the split by dying her hair red and moving to Japan, while Dev (Ansari) packs his bags and heads to Italy to learn pasta making.Although the couple started out as a simple one night stand, they eventually end up spending about two years together before breaking up over general life ambivalence.Both halves of the duo bring up a good point: Is dating someone when you’re in your early thirties a good enough reason to spend your entire life with them?

Dev ends up eating with Sara after he accidentally plans a “depressing” solo birthday lunch for himself, and his eventual Brit companion is told she doesn’t have a reservation (she booked it for the wrong day).

When an officer can’t find Dev’s phone anywhere, the mother throws everyone but the cop out of her house.

Dev’s dream of making out with Sara is officially gone, as are Mario’s ridiculously cute photos with his soccer idol from earlier in the episode.

Dev even takes a very Instagramable photo of Sara in front of some unknown building. Things go so well, Sara invites Dev on a weekend getaway with her friends, where they can “make out.” Guys, our little Dev could be in love (in a few months to two years, considering his his commitment issues)!

Yet, Dev’s romantic hopes are dashed the minute Sara gets in her cab to the train, as a literal bicycle-riding thief steals his phone, taking Sara’s phone number with him.

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