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The performance was considered scandalous enough to be shown on German television four times, with the introduction "The lunatics have escaped!

" At the end we did Corner's Piano Activities not according to his instructions since we systematically destroyed a piano which I bought for and had to have it all cut up to throw it away, otherwise we would have had to pay movers, a very practical composition, but German sentiments about this "instrument of Chopin" were hurt and they made a row about it...

Fluxus is known for experimental contributions to different artistic media and disciplines.

Fluxus is also known for generating art forms that were new when Fluxus artists created them.

Instead, a series of festivals in Wiesbaden, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam, London.

After opening a short-lived art gallery on Madison Avenue, which showed work by Higgins, Ono, Jonas Mekas, Ray Johnson, Flynt and Young, Maciunas moved to Wiesbaden, West Germany, having taken a job as a graphic designer with the US Air Force in late 1961 after the gallery had gone bust.

Maciunas first publicly coined the term Fluxus (meaning 'to flow') in a 'brochure prospectus' that he distributed to the audience at a festival he had organized, called Aprés Cage; Kleinen Sommerfest (After Cage; a Small Summer Festival), in Wuppertal, West Germany, 9 June 1962.

With the help of a group of artists including Joseph Beuys and Wolf Vostell, Maciunas eventually organised a series of Fluxfests across Western Europe.

Starting with 14 concerts between 1 and 23 September 1962, at Wiesbaden, these Fluxfests presented work by musicians such as John Cage, Ligeti, Penderecki, Terry Riley and Brion Gysin alongside performance pieces written by Higgins, Knowles, George Brecht and Nam June Paik, Benjamin Patterson, Robert Filliou, and Emmett Williams, amongst many others.

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