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Rock art was produced by a number of prehistoric and historic peoples over thousands of years. A big game hunting people, known as Paleo-Indians, are considered to be the first human users in the area.Their game included now extinct Pleistocene fauna such as mammoths and mastodons.Tottenham’s position is that they will not listen to offers for their top stars, with Dele Alli also of interest to Real and rivals Barcelona, but the club’s previous actions suggest that their players are available at a…The Moab area has numerous examples of Indian rock art to enjoy.

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Styles vary from place to place, and from people to people.The Anasazi whose culture centered south of Moab in the Four Corners area, concentrated much of their subsistence efforts on the cultivation of corn, beans and squash.These sedentary people, also harvested a wide variety of wild resources, such as pinion nuts, grasses, bighorn sheep and deer.The straight, smooth, red sandstone found in the Navajo and Wingate formations is a good area to look for pictographs.As you spot one image, look carefully around the adjoining surface areas. The main panel might have one or more sub-panels nearby.

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