Who is karen mok dating

Sue is jealous and thinks that Lynn refuses to let her participate more actively because she is less adept, but actually Lynn is trying to protect her sister from danger.Their relationship becomes strained when Lynn falls in love with her friend's cousin Yen and wants to give up her job and marry Yen.Since she started in Hong Kong showbiz, in 1993, starring in her first movie and releasing her debut album, she has never stopped offering surprises, "for the fans and also for myself." She shaved her hair and starred in director Wong Kar-Wai's award-winning movie, "Fallen Angels", in 1996, which won her Best Supporting Actress award at the Hong Kong Film Awards.When she got a role in director Stephen Chow's production, "God of Cookery", in 1997, she had chicken feathers all over her short hair and a mouth full of yellow teeth.

Zhang Yadong, the so-called godfather of mainland pop behind several of Faye Wong's best-selling albums, is the producer.Mok isn't the kind of star, however, who says yes to everything.For instance, a photographer wanted to take a picture of her in a gray jacket, but she refused.When Sue realises that she is being cornered by the police, she calls Lynn at home and asks her sister for help.At the same time, Chow Nung's assassins break into the house and kill Lynn and frame Kong Yat-hung for the murder.

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