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The sketch that provoked the bust-up saw them as Judy and Maggie, two ladies of the Women's Institute who vomited uncontrollably at the mention of lesbians.

Inevitably, the ladies shared a passionate on-stage kiss.

It brought him a first taste of fame, though, aged just 21. 'This success was slow to spread to the double act with Walliams.

Though some critics found the humour unbearably coarse, others applauded the return to traditional comedy of a kind not seen since the Dick Emery era.

As Lucas says, it's a short step from a stint in Doctor Who's Tardis, which he completed this year, to a humiliating spell in the Celebrity Big Brother house, which he ardently wishes to avoid.

The result is an autobiography that tries to wear a civilised face, but cannot resist sticking in the knife.

'Walliams has now sold so many children's books,' he snipes, 'he can probably buy his own private jet, all decked out in pink, with a river inside it for him to swim up' — a swipe at the fame Walliams acquired when he swam the Channel and, later on, the length of the Thames.

That feat, which boosted Walliams out of the comedy leagues and into the superstar A-list, also comes in for some snide mockery.

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