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In honor of Lawless being in another thing and with great hope that she will be in all the things of the future, here are the Top Ten Gayest and Greatest Things Lucy Lawless Has Participated In https://v=3b LO2vq5j PE I told myself that I would not include anything having to do with Renee O’Connor (Gabrielle) on this list because Too Easy, right? Yes, the Xena & Gabrielle romance was what sparked it all but I wanted to get beyond that, until I found Coffee Talk.Watching the series, you will delight in seeing Lawless tromp around amazing places all over the world in sensible shoes and get to watch her hair blow magically in the wind while staying ever perfect. She hails from Themyscria, also known as the all-female Amazon home of Paradise Island. She received her BA in English, Spanish and Creative Writing from Trinity University in San Antonio, and then continued her Texas tour by completing her MFA in poetry at the University of Houston's Creative Writing Program.As you can tell from the twitter, she is completely gay for our Mother Earth. She is also a warrior princess and the Xena of comic book characters. She enjoys traveling, lacrosse and riding her horse, Tonka. Although the Xena planet’s name was eventually changed to Eris, its moon was named Dysnomia. In mythology, this is the demon goddess of lawlessness (get it!? Word on the street (the internet street) is that her daughter is not gay but Lawless would be happy if she was. and while I am not so much on that comic tip, I was super excited because Lucy “Piercing Blue Eyes” FLawless is going to be in another thing.Despite being (damn near apologetically) straight, Lawless has been a lesbian icon and beacon of ladylove hope for decades, ever since winning everyone’s hearts through her role of I know I am far from the only one who was obsessed with Xena, but I was real obsessed from day one.

This series explores women who made a difference in history; many of them were undoubtedly queer themselves. Wonder Woman is a wonderfully gay comic book character.

A name so mighty and immortal that it actually knocked all thought right out of me. I mean Kevin Sorbo, who, for many a moon, was the closest thing we got to a god on such shows as , which was shooting at Avanti Gallery yesterday.

No, this time he’s not playing a god, or even a demi-god, but from the way Sorbo explains things, it’s still quite the colorful character. “I play an adulterous entertainment attorney out of New York who comes down here a lot because I’ve got a lot of Latin American clients. He’s a slimy asshole.” If the sparkle in Sorbo’s supernatural blue eyes is any indication, he’s relishing the rakish role.

I meet this hot little twenty-something and of course I make my move. Then again, the nicest guys generally do have some kinda penchant for breaking bad, and when they let that bad outta the bag, a lifetime of good deeds goes right out the window.

Since Sorbo seems to be one truly good guy, it’s a bet his take on an “asshole” is gonna be something to behold.

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