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Slight lead-in to program, Normal quality - slight glitches This day in history - The Hundred Years War, the perfect law of liberty, Battle of Saratoga 1777, Who will fight your battle?

, covenants traded rights for benefits, are all benefactors bad?

Slight lead-in to program, Normal quality Weekend in Summer Lake, New online subscription form, The Living Network newsletter, Record Keeping vs Registration, turning neighbors into Human Resources, Debt, who Christ was, who is your god?

, HEW and FEMA, loving your neighbor, witchcraft, Sabbath rest, Pharisees and the Sanhedrin, feel-good churches, what is your backup to the current (failing) system?

, early America, early States, had the church been doing its job..., 501(c)3 - authority? , IBT story, make your Yes Yes, "cut muster", SS#, Employer/Employee, Citizens -Still Faint!

- Find a quiet place/time and crank up the volume Changes to website ( New Google maps - maintained by local Contact Ministers, Kingdom of God = right to be ruled by God, "Weightier Matters" - if your preacher doesn't know them, you need a new preacher!

Let me know what episode it is for (date), and I'll see that it gets added. Poor quality, but understandable Talking about the ekklesia, the Church, the called out and who is the head of the Church with a peek at climate change, now and then.

How selfishness and jealousy brings people into bondage in Egypt. Sophistry in language, God vs gods, Picture of the Kingdom - Ancient Israel, Pharisee interpretation, Overivew of the HHC books, What is a "cult"?

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, rescinding documents, fall festival, e-mail groups, strong delusion, networking congregations, wanting OTHERS to be free, minutemen for each other, making a nation, anniversary of English Civil war, organizing your congregation, sovereign sheep, come together NOW, government of the people, by the people, for the people, Motto of Moses, what is the Temple? 60 second lead-in to program, Normal quality, but has slight glitches What is the "world"?

All the programs are approximately 54 minutes long. Click on the Air Date you are interested in to hear the program, or right-click and download the MP3 file to your computer. As of 7/2/11 "Keys of the Kingdom" is broadcast in an extended, 2-hour format, broadcast on "Liberty Radio Live" (

The program still airs on Saturday mornings at 8AM Pacific, 9AM Mountain, 10AM Central, or 11AM Eastern time. In an effort to ensure that the most recent episodes are available to you, I am uploading some audio (MP3) files before I have a summary written. There are some episodes that for one reason or another I wasn't able to take notes on, and would have to listen to again before being able to post a summary. If you would like to help, please listen to the episode and write a summary in a similar format to those already posted, and e-mail that summary to [email protected] Of The

, Altars of Baal, Samuel's warnings, Swine flu shots and Dr. , Mennonite "Insurance", offices of Power or Service?

Blaylock, Vaccines causal to later problems, squaline, Christ and rights, How to be part of another world, Retreat next week, Flus and other disasters, Medicines from nature, "Red button" story, "Lottery winner" story, Sabbath? , How to get closer to the Kingdom, Ministers defined, The books so far...

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