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Most of my Google results for Plagiarism dealt with academic plagiarism on the high-school and undergraduate level. Her definition of Plagiarism was, as I understood it, when a writer copies more than six words in a row without author ascription.

There are many flaws with this definition apart from the obvious—that it’s just plain stupid.

Then, for the next week, she made him wear a shirt cardboard with the letter P on it, hung on his chest from around his neck, whenever he was in her classroom. Sneaky, lazy, young people on drugs don’t make for original, successful scholars. When I was teaching high-school English the question of Plagiarism (and rarely the question of Influence) came up time and time again.

She could get the piss sued out of her for doing that to a student nowadays. For me, the amazing thing about the question was the multiplicity of answers that many students received from various teachers, my favorite of which was espoused by a notoriously incompetent and strident middle-school English teacher who had previously taught many of my students.

Teachers, realizing the daunting significance of these impossible, or, at least, exhausting questions, end up supplying rather insufficient answers to these pains in the ass, such as that of the aforementioned middle-school teacher. Were I in a rock band, I would try to sound as much as possible like the Replacements. [W]e study with practitioners we never get to meet.

And we few, we hapless few readers are Thus, not only are we readers and writers oftentimes taking out one another’s laundry, but also we periodically end up, as it were, wearing one another’s pants.

Sometimes we do this unconsciously (which we politely euphemize as rapper’s—career[2]).

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