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2) Inventors - this community is full of great insights on the history of inventors (a subset of creators and innovators in my mind).

Wonderful information on the history of many famous inventions and inventors -or search by your favorite invention – an added bonus to the site is “Today in History” - pick any date and the site has a wiki-list of famous inventions, patent filings, and note-worthy “aha-moments” that occurred on that date.

Street View is the best available vantage point looking, if possible, towards the location of the building.

But there is a variety of evidence that older humans have the capacity for creativity & innovation – well into their “retirement” years.

Babbage’s inventions resulted from a hundreds of years of European discoveries of how machines work, including work dating back to the time of Leonardo Davinci and the abacus dating back to Mesopotamia, Egypt and China.

It was Babbage who lived in a time where the “technology” (small metal parts) and mathematical understanding enabled him to implement the first working prototype.

Where it is not available, the satellite view is shown instead.

Antique doric column about 10' high with dome cap on top ofabacus dating probably from the Roman occupation of Egypt.

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