X treme dating spanking

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What happens when Survivor meets The Love Connection? She's agreed to be a contestant on X-treme Dating, a hot new reality TV dating show.

The only reason to read this Harlquinish novel is if you are trying to finish The A-Z Reading Challenge and you can't bring yourself to read an X-men graphic novel instead. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a light, fun read. The characters are flat and, honestly, quite stupid (there were many connections between them that they apparently missed, but were blatantly obvious to anyone with half a brain).

I love how genuine they were and how much they cared for each other.This was all brought out in an even more remarkable manner through Mc David's picturesque descriptions.I couldn't help but laugh out loud and I visualized each and every event.The supporting cast really threw a few wrenches into the plans and made the story a whole lot more complex. Once again Mc David has created a light, sweet romance that I devoured.It's the perfect read for an afternoon on the beach or an evening in front of a cozy fire.

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