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It creates lock screens for you with your name and contact number on them to aid in finding your phone the old fashioned way when you lose it.

No need for a GPS, just tell folks you have a small reward and give them a number to call.

It will be signed by the root certificate created earlier. Generate a PFX file (contains the password and the private key in one file for convenience).

His blog post on What's New in Windows Phone 8 was very useful, especially his little Multi Res helper class.

First, to be clear, the existing Windows Phone 7 app works great on Windows Phone 8 without ANY changes.

So I decided to post an excerpt I wrote about signing Silverlight XAP files in the Silverlight 4 Whitepaper on Channel 9 here to help spread the word.

The signing process is important if you are creating an elevated trust out of browser application because it helps: Elevated trust out-of-browser applications enable developers to take advantage of platform features that are inaccessible to sandboxed Silverlight applications.

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