Xbox marketplace not updating

I changed the icon in RSS Central twice and both times it took a while to update in the Marketplace on the phone. I am facing the same issue now for my application where desktop zune apps page shows the correct icon however the phone marketplace shows the older version.

Microsoft has been gradually improving the Xbox One dashboard to make the experience as fluid and simple as possible.

Also I have 2 other applications that the Icon has changed and yes only the windows phone market won’t update. Maybe it's load balanced and not all the servers received the updates?

I put a ticket into MS and all they said was looks ok to me and didn’t help one bit. The app hub, the 2 icons in my project and the zune software all match. type=phone App&id=f663e7b0-f65b-e011-854c-00237de2db9e The old icon was a blueish backroung with a mic, now it's yellow & blue (or it's suppose to be) The next 2 are the same app, the Timer.

This includes a new feature for when you’ve left your console idle that’ll provide time-sensitive notifications in a way that’ll be visible from far away, hoping to catch your attention while texting or stuffing your face with food.

It’ll also rearrange your notifications if you haven’t turned your console on for a while, providing you with all the most important notifications/activities that you’ve missed first.

I installed the free version and I now see the icon you have on your website.

We’ve also got an article on PS4 system updates if that’s more of your kind of thing.So the only place its wrong is in the windows phone marketplace.I rebooted the phone thinking it might have been cached several times in the last 4 days and still nothing. Per my MS ticket they say they can see the new icons on the phone, but I don't see them.Hi, I changed my applications Icon over 4 days ago and I’m still waiting on the windows phone marketplace to update my icon.The funny part is zune software was updated the same day it was published and if you download the app you get the correct icon and even if you pin the application you get the correct Icon.

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