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Chris, whose videos feature him ranting about feminist video game critic Anita Sarkeesian, criticizing Islam and arguing against the gender wage gap, produces content for an audience that could not be more different from Laci’s.

As one of a growing number of “skeptic” You Tube channels, who create politically charged videos that mostly revolve around decrying feminism and vaguely defined political correctness, Chris’s views aren’t as divisive as those possessed by the You Tubers he rubs shoulders with such as Sargon of Akkad, but they still aren’t congruous with the views Laci has expressed throughout her You Tube career.

It also provides yet another example of the uncertainly You Tube’s audience faces in supporting its video makers, with the intense political climate having a major impact on the site and its content creators.Man sieht sie beim Spagat, beim Herumrollen auf ihren Kinderzimmerbetten, beim Zähneputzen.Und die (nicht illegalen) Videos locken, das sieht man in den Kommentaren, auch jene Art von Publikum an, das sich sonst nur im Verborgenen bewegt.Die Videoplattform You Tube hat, wonach die gesamte Medienwelt giert: Bewegte Bilder, und zwar mehr, als irgendjemand jemals anschauen könnte.Das bringt viele, viele Werbedollar: Die Tochterfirma von Google soll derzeit rund 75 Milliarden Dollar wert sein.

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