Yonghwa and shin hye dating

Mutual love is a miracle, and this drama is a perfect portrait of this feeling.This is a great drama full of so many different genres.Completely blown away by the script and screenplay. Needless to say about the lead pair - "So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin" of-course. For the heroine acting and Hero's look definitely, this drama must be watched. This drama will forever will #1 most favourite drama ever. But, gradually as the story progressed it was more than a delight to watch such a lovely drama. He is a really talented singer and guitarist) One of my favourites!Gong Yoo is my favorite actor and he doing his work superbly always and especially on this daram. Each episode it develops and there was a touch of drama but not too much, just enough and lee min ho here was so handsome, his best style out of all his movies. The plot, the action scenes, the sweet lowkey romance, everything was perfect. More so, because Lee Shin is the perfect boyfriend out there, he is supportive, intuitive, considerate, sacrificing, caring, a sweetheart, handsome, affectionate and the list goes on. Its really cute that the main leads who once disliked each other managed to fall in love through music.My Love from Another Star is a must-watch for sure. The drama shows our underdog heroine Oh Hani trying to capture the heart of her big time crush Seung Jo who is the school genius. The Heirs The funny thing is when I first saw the cast line up I thought it would be so crowded having all of this bright talents in one show, I took me over a year to finally decide to watch it however it became my 2nd favorite k drama of all time, the entire cast worked with great harmony to bring out the best and the plot was adventurous enough to keep you on your toes, because it has way to many actors and support actors it's hard to till who's performance was dominating I think each played their role perfectly - deena89 Park shin hye is young with potentials of growing into a really good actress, watching her previous experiences I kind knew that she's not that good of an actress, anyway she still has time to grow and I can see she did better in pinocchio however, I agree with you she still needs to polish her acting skills - deena89 I like the chemistry between Lee Minho and Park Shin Hye, both are great actors. Plus all the actors and actresses are handsome and beautiful. I really like Min Ho here and Shin Hye, I love her always she's so pretty to look at).Sometimes we feel like saying 'Hey Girl just get over your crush", but the show has really good moments. Extraordinary story between two people who shares a bond, this series made me cry and even realize that rumors could really affect people psychologically and physically. Min Ho is a great actor (not to mention the perfect face! The heroine is all most one of famous actressin Korean drama as well as movies. If you see any website, television, international ratings for best Korean dramas like top ten and top twenty, there must be some changes and mismatches.Speeches, music, acting and scenes will make you cry, get angry and laugh with the two main characters.

And of course, all the casts in this drama is perfect in their roles!The highlight of this drama is surely the handsome lead actor Kim Hyun Joong Playful kiss a drama which somehow relates to most of the girls love life... Really love the idea and the relationship between lee jong suk and park shin hye. the story mostly reflects the reporters and a family that was once shattered, this kind of acts a lesson to all reporters, I believe. ), I like this even more because his leading lady is Shin Hye. Wowi am totally in love with tjos series Secret Garden One of the most romantic drama with beautiful action sequence. You should watch this, Some scenes are really make us to cry especially when hero treat heroine as worst. But in all ratings, you can definitely find three drama always placed or listed as best on all website, television and any other source.Oh Han Ni and Baek Seung Jo are of different worlds and have different views but still they fall for each other... I love this drama...since I watched this I can't help my help but to watch it over and over again... You will immediately fall in love with this drama after the first episode. Pinocchio One of the best dramas that I've watched. I can't sleep thinking about what will happen in the end of the drama. I really hope they are real couple because they look very sweet and cute in this drama. One is full house which is rating one of highest ever in Korean drama, second one coffee prince and third one is secret garden.Almost Korean drama portrayed the hero's role as much rich and unimaginable. The part where he discovers all his fears and sufferings were for nothing and that he was indeed straight, his reactions are just the right blend of anguish and anger. This is a must watch drama for all Korean drama lovers. and kim min young was very pretty, they had great chemistry and the soundtracks are awesome! Though I am a Bangladeshi and can't understand Korean at all... Lee Min ho had been hotter than ever in this drama, giving one of his best performances as an actor. This drama gives you the perfect cutesy moments between the lovebirds. If you're looking for a catchy beat, you should definitely watch this. I really enjoyed the display of emotions all the characters had in this show.But this character was nice, enjoyable and realizable, even this drama left some important and beautiful message than love. But when I see this serial just can't hold my breathe... The only thing which ticked me off during this drama was the during the ending episodes when the romance got way too lowkey and it wasn't even properly implied whether that the main couple had landed up with each other in the end, apart from the lack of kissing scenes. It's a really sweet show & it definitely made me support yong hwa even more! I love Yong Hwa and Shin Hye, and the director too!

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