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Cole is one of a handful of people who know Chuck is the Intersect and are not imprisoned. Bentley was also removed from leading the Intersect Project, as she failed to collaborate with the existing Intersect on top of threatening his life; Chuck was subsequently promoted to head the Intersect Project over Bentley's head.Cole is also impressed by Chuck's actions in the field, much to the chagrin of others. Jane Bentley (Robin Givens) is the National Clandestine Service director, first shown expanding Castle for NCS personnel. In retaliation, Bentley returns the laptop from which the Intersect was taken to Ellie, confident that the flaw was not in her agents but in the computer and only someone who thinks like a Bartowski could fix it.Mei-Ling holds Chuck personally responsible, but Chuck offers a deal: in exchange for Casey and Sarah's help in rescuing Lee, she would to defect to the United States. Leo Dreyfus (Christopher Lloyd) is a CIA psychiatrist assigned by General Beckman to treat Chuck when the malfunctioning Intersect appears to be giving Chuck nightmares and threatening his sanity.With no other option, as her own government refused to aid in rescuing Lee Cho, and she is categorized as a rogue agent, Mei-Ling agrees to the deal. Upon initially meeting with Chuck, Dreyfus orders him removed from field duty and later has him institutionalized after an apparent unprovoked attack on a visiting dignitary.Her actions ends up sabotaging his relationship with Alex Mc Hugh.Carina obviously tries to get onto Morgan's nerves, constantly mis-calling him "Martin".

Some of the allies they meet along the way are only on board for one or two missions, and some of their enemies are not involved with the main antagonist organizations of the series, Fulcrum and other parts of the Ring, and Volkoff Industries.

The scientist escapes, and when Chuck and Fulcrum pursue the scientist, Cole takes a bullet for Chuck as well. However her spies not only failed a mission by executing a target meant for capture, but endangered L. with a nuclear bomb due to their trigger-happiness.

His persistent pursuit of Sarah in these episodes creates a brief love triangle that only goes as far as a kiss; Sarah turns down an offer to leave with him, due to her lingering feelings for Chuck. She is also one of the many in high-ranking positions that believe that Chuck was ill-suited to be the Intersect and is openly hostile with him, pointing out that her G. With the NCS Intersect experiments shown to be dangerously flawed, General Beckman has the Intersect extracted from Noble and Dunwoody, and they are transferred to points unknown.

Experienced with many men, Carina does not pretend that Morgan was her best lover, but insists that there were but very few better. Despite ignoring Morgan for some time since they slept together, Morgan freaks out when noticing she is in his bed without his prior knowledge after Sarah's Hens-night.

It is revealed in "Chuck Versus the Cat Squad" that Carina and Sarah were members of the "C. Carina attempts to seduce him, but Morgan immediately leaves the bedroom.

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